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Huang Sisters Create Playbook to Playing College Golf

December 6, 2021 admin Comments Off

They are good on and off the course. Of course, we are talking about the Huang sisters, who are members of the SNJGA. Cameron, 13, and Angelina, 14, have authored a playbook to help themselves and their peers successfully find a college and play collegiate golf. They enlisted experts and co-wrote “I Want Play College Golf – Our Quest to Learn What It Takes to Play College Golf.”

We were inspired because when we were younger, starting off at golf, besides our coach, we didn’t have a lot of guidance,” said Cameron. “So we created this book to help other golfers starting on their journey to succeed and have a better golf experience.

“After reading this book, we want junior golfers to walk away with the right mentality and mindset in order to pursue their golf journey, to play college golf or succeed.”

The two were recently interviewed on Channel 8 and you can view the interview below for more information. You can also visit www.iwanttoplaycollegegolf.com


Huang Sisters Create Playbook to Playing College Golf