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College Commit Spotlight – Palmer to BYU - Southern Nevada Junior Golf

College Commit Spotlight – Palmer to BYU

January 9, 2024 Brian Hurlburt Comments Off

Nya Palmer, a junior at Odyssey who plays golf for Sierra Vista High School, has plenty of goals on her to-do list when it comes to her future. One of those goals can already be checked off the list: Playing college golf at BYU.–by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider

“I’m more than happy to be going to BYU,” Palmer said. “I’ve been wanting to play for BYU since I started playing golf.”

Palmer is coming off a junior year that was solid, but she admits it could have been better as she wound up T-13 at the state tournament.

“I didn’t start off like I wanted,” she said. “But I got it figured out in the second round.”

She opened with an 82 before rebounding with a 71 in the final round.

“It was nice to finish up that way,” she said. “It gave me a lot of momentum going forward.”

She said she’s looking for big things in her senior season starting this fall.

“My goal this whole time is I want to be in the top three my senior year,” she said. “I’ve posted the scores I need to do that but I just need to be consistent for those two days.”

Palmer said her early days of junior golf played a big role in her learning to be consistent on the course.

“The SNJGA was such a great learning opportunity for me,” she said. “You play great courses and against great players. I went up against older girls who inspired me to work harder to get better and I’m hoping I was inspiring to the girls younger than me to keep getting better.”

Speaking of getting better, she knows she’s still got work to improve her game.

“I’m pretty happy with where my game is…but I know I can get a lot better,” she said. “And for me, it always comes down to putting. When you think about it, putting is your last opportunity to make up strokes on a hole. Putting is where just about everyone can improve and I know it’s where I want to put a lot of my work in.”

She’s also giving plenty of thought to her future on and off the golf course.

“I want to go into biology or human anatomy or something science-based,” she said.

But, there’s also the thought of pro golf.

“If I could, if I’m playing very well, I’d love to see if I can play on tour,” she said. “If you love any sport, you’d love to see if you can play professionally and play at the highest level.”

College Commit Spotlight – Palmer to BYU - Southern Nevada Junior Golf