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Halloween Fun, Competition Means Camaraderie

Halloween Fun, Competition Means Camaraderie

November 22, 2020 admin Comments Off

To those who play this grand ole game, it’s always been about more than just a sport. It’s about fun, camaraderie and building relationships and that was on full display at the Halloween 2-person tournament at Desert Willow on Oct. 30, 2020. Rivers Common and Aliah Jordan shot 4-under 26 to win the overall title in the best ball format.

“Juniors of all ages came out to celebrate Halloween on the golf course,” says Renee Rocco SNJGA operations manager. “They dressed in their best costumes and we had closest-to-the-pin contests, there were best costume winners, trick or treating on holes and fun and also Halloween giveaways.”

Special props to our tournament director, Grant McKay, who was “protecting the manor” at Desert Willow.