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Golf Is a Family Tradition for Camryn Schaper - Southern Nevada Junior Golf

Golf Is a Family Tradition for Camryn Schaper

May 15, 2023 Brian Hurlburt Comments Off

For Camryn Schaper, golf is a family affair. Now the Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association member is continuing the family tradition with her recent commitment to Southern Oregon University.–By Brian Hurlburt, www.lasvegasgolfinsider.com

Schaper’s father, Andy, is the director of golf operations at Boulder City Golf Course and Boulder Creek Golf Club in addition to coaching the high school teams in Boulder City. Her brother, Blake, plays at South Dakota State University. And Mom, Meghan, is very supportive in many ways, but only golfs when “forced” to by the golfing Schapers …

“When thinking of my commitment, I immediately think about how proud I am of myself,” Camryn says. “I have been playing golf for a long time, but I never took it very seriously. Over the last few months, I really started to work towards getting better. I have had my rough days of golf, and I know I will have more, but, for now, I am proud of how far I have come.”

She plans to major major in health and physical education and upon graduation to work in the health field. Southern Oregon was a terrific fit.

“At the end of my last high school golf season, I decided that I would like to continue golfing in my future,” Schaper says. “I was a little late to the game, but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to send some emails to coaches. I always wanted to go to a school in Colorado, so I sent a few emails to the coaches of different Colorado schools. However, my dad told me to reach out to Southern Oregon University as well. The SOU coach got back to me after a few days and we set up a zoom call. The zoom call went great, so he asked me to come visit. I fell in love with the campus, environment, and town.”

Schaper has many junior golf, high school and Boulder City memories and looks forward to creating many more in college.

“I have played in multiple competitive SNJGA tournaments over the years and have made some friends and gained a lot of experience with competitive golf, but my favorite SNJGA memory would have to be playing in the Walter M. Galyk Golf Memorial Tournament,” Schaper says. “This was a fundraiser tournament that I played in April of 2023. I played with three awesome guys, who made the day so much fun. We played a scramble and shot a 57. Overall, it was a great day.”

As for playing for Dad?

“I moved to Boulder City right before I started sixth grade and I have loved every second of living here,” Schaper says. “My dad was my high school golf coach, which made golf so much more fun. It was cool having him as a coach because he knew how to help me when I was struggling. Over the years, we have spent a lot of time together on the golf course, so we have gotten much closer.”

Schaper, who served as student body president at Boulder City High, now will soon be focusing on her college golf career.

“I want to make some lifelong friends, create some good memories, and travel to cool places,” Schaper says. “I would also like to win some tournaments and get my game to a more consistent point.”