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College Commit Spotlight – Rashon Williams

June 15, 2021 admin Comments Off

For Rashon Williams, it’s time to take the next step up the ladder in the world of golf. The Odyssey Charter School graduate is set to head to Southern Utah University on a golf scholarship. To say he’s excited would be an understatement. To say he’s grateful would be fitting. –by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff.

Williams can’t wait for the chance to tee it up on the college golf scene this fall. But before he hits that first tee shot he made sure to take a look back at everyone who helped him get to this point in his life.

“I’ve really got to thank the SNJGA and the SNGA for everything they’ve done for all of the golfers, not just me,” he said. “They put on such great tournaments. And, honestly, without them and all of these local tournaments to help me prep and sharpen my game, (a college scholarship) probably doesn’t happen. They are just wonderful. This scholarship has my confidence going through the roof.”

He’s looking at majoring in business in college.

“That way, if golf doesn’t work out, I’ll have business to fall back on,” he said.

But, professional golf is definitely front and center in his mindset.

“Obviously pro golf is what I’d love to do but I know it’s going to take a lot of work,” he said. “I’m trying to sharpen my game up and figure things out mentally. When I can do that I will become a way better player.”

He added he knows where he feels he needs to put in the most work.

“I think my putting and just a little bit with my short game,” he said. “If I can sharpen those up I feel like I can put up some pretty good numbers and take my game to the next level.”

His main goal when he steps up to hit that first tee shot in his opening college tournament is simple and one he uses each and every time.

“I go into a tournament feeling like I can win every tournament,” he said. “You need to have confidence. Without confidence you won’t play well. I’ll just go out and do my best and see what happens.”

He also said he knows there will be challenges ahead when it comes to the step-up in competition at the college level. But he’s ready for the test.

“If I did everything I could and played well and didn’t win, then whoever did win must have just played really good golf,” he said. “I’ll give him his props and get back to work on my game that much harder.”

Also attending Southern Utah to play golf is Coronado High graduate Seth Winterton. Look for his profile at a future date.