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College Commit Spotlight – Cassidy Phelan

March 11, 2021 admin Comments Off

Like any other high school senior, Cassidy Phelan has dreams and goals. And the Southeast Tech senior’s focus is razor-sharp now that she will be heading off to college at Colorado Mesa where she will pursue a career in the world of business. Oh, and she’s got golf to thank for helping her along the way. –by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff.

“Ever since I was a freshman I had a dream to pursue something amazing,” she said. “I wanted to focus on Disney. I wanted to work for Disney, whether it was at the parks or in the business field.”

To that end she found guidance in one of her teachers, Katherine DeSimone.

“I took a business marketing class from her my sophomore year,” said Phelan who plans to major in business administration and concentrate in marketing. “It opened my eyes to the world of business and now I’m drawn to marketing. I want to put myself out there and present ideas or a product to people.”

She found Colorado Mesa through a friend. She was impressed from the start.

“I have a great friend there in Crystle Querol,” Phelan said. “After I talked with her I checked it out. The school is amazing, the academics there are incredible and I was impressed with the business program.”

She feels like the school will be perfect for her next step, with many more to follow.

“Mom (Angela) always told me you’ve got to have a plan,” she said. “You have to have a dream. That’s how you’re going to succeed. As soon as I get my Bachelor’s degree, I’m going back to get my Master’s degree. Those are just a couple of the goals I have. And I’ll always be playing golf.”

Ah, yes, the golf. Phelan started teeing it up 12 years ago and hasn’t stopped looking to improve. Junior golf played a key role.

“The SNJGA has helped me out so much along the way,” she said. “They are amazing. I love their tournaments and we’ve gotten to play so many great courses. They helped teach me many lessons about the game and how I can grow as a golfer and a person.”

That growth has helped her focus on college golf.

“I want to be on the starting team,” she said. “And I want to win tournaments. But I also want to develop as a player and college competition will help.”

She said the transition to college golf, while it will be a challenge, is something she’s been looking forward to experiencing.

“No matter the tournament, I always try to get into a competition mindset and program my brain,” she said. “It’s me, the golf ball and the hole.”

She said school is vital and she’s worked hard on that aspect. But add in the golf and it’s an ideal mixture.

“Golf has taught me so much about how I can grow,” she said. “My coach (Pam Bowers has coached Phelan for the past 12 years) said that golf will always be there and will open a lot of doors. It’s up to me to take it from there.”

In the end, she’s excited about what’s next.

“I am ready to take that next step,” she said. “It’s going to be a challenge and it will be a little frightening being away from home. But there’s a great future for me out there. I’m just going to go for it.”