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A Message from John Hawk, SNJGA Board President

February 4, 2022 admin Comments Off

On January 18, 2022, I was recognized by the 18 members of the Executive Board serving the Southern Nevada Junior Golf Association (SNJGA) to serve as their new Board President. It is my pleasure to succeed our former Board President Mr. Tim Quinn who will be continuing to serve on the Board in the capacity of our Scholarship Committee Chair. It is my honor to serve alongside our Executive Committee Vice-President (Matt Steiner), Treasurer (Ann Sunstrum), Secretary (Al Kueker), and our new Executive Director (Renee Rocco).

For the past three years, I have served as a member on the SNJGA and SNGA boards. My introduction to this service for both organizations came from my own participation in amateur events with the SNGA and watching my son learn and grow from his participation in SNJGA competitive events. The game of golf has really helped my family come closer together as we have traveled more, spent more time together, and certainly created more lively conversations around the dinner table with me, my son (Andrew), my daughter (Hailey), and wife (Wendi). I look to help SNJGA grow the game of golf for juniors using my 25 years of education experience from starting a small school (Nevada State High School) serving 40 students to now operating nine locations serving over 1,000 students in Southern and Northern Nevada.

I am confident that behind the experience of our entire Executive Board and the talent of our new Executive Director Renee Rocco that we will continue to grow the game of golf for Juniors in Southern Nevada through our priorities of thoughtful planning, administrative capacity, and diverse programming.