LVJGA Junior Series: June 18

The 3rd week of the LVJGA Summer Series got underway at Desert Willow and Durango Hills on June 18th. Juniors golfers have the opportunity to play golf each Saturday for 8 weeks. This Saturday’s results are below:

Desert Willow:

  • Emmanuel Dela Cruz: 39-9 Holes
  • Isabel Dela Cruz: 49-9 Holes
  • Berlin Biddinger: 59-9 Holes
  • Dominic Heckathorn: 78-18 Holes
  • Taewan Kim: 82-18 Holes
  • AJ Nunes: 52-9 Holes
  • Daichi Molde: 38-9 Holes
  • Samantha Friday: 97- 18 Holes
  • Katie Schlichenmayer: 73- 18 Holes

Durango Hills:

  • Heather Soberonsky: 39-9 Holes
  • Frankie Hawley: 40-9 Holes
  • Michael Corsi: 40-9 Holes

The Las Vegas Junior Golf Association would like to thank Andy Deiro and Doug Sipe for their continued support of Junior Golf in Southern Nevada!

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